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“Ted Monnich has been an amazing coach for Max from the first day we met him almost 3 years ago at a GDI Regional Development Camp. From that first meeting Ted connected with my then 10-year-old goalie Max, in a way that made Max feel comfortable and confident about himself and his abilities as a goaltender. One of the things that really stood out to me right away as a parent was Coach Ted’s ability to relate to the athlete at any age. He spoke with Max at a level that he could understand and relate to. Ted was able to help Max focus better, trust in his skills and play with confidence. Ted not only helped Max focus better on the ice but also helped Max develop his short- and long-term goals. He really engaged Max in taking ownership of his game and it has made a huge difference in his play on the ice and his life off the ice. Not only has Coach Ted made a difference in Max’s life, but also mine as a goalie parent. He has helped me better understand what my son goes through mentally and has given me tools to help me better support my son. Ted is always there to answer questions or talk through situations that have arisen and has a genuine interest in Max’s growth. Not easy to find in this day and age. I really feel Max is ahead of the game, especially at his age, because of his mental training and I thank Ted for that. It is a continuous process, and we feel so fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to have Coach Ted work with Max and look forward to our continued positive relationship.”


"Ted has helped me in many ways. I have gained many mental skills and my performance has improved greatly. I have become more mindful, and I’ve learned how to approach different situations. I have been able to use the skills he has taught me in not only gymnastics, but in life in general."

Anna Kacerguis, Gymnast

"As parents of a competitive gymnast, we are always looking for ways to support our athlete and her big dreams.  Involving Ted in her training was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Anna’s mental skills and confidence have improved tremendously. She is able to use the strategies she learned from Ted to amplify her performance both in and out of the gym. We are forever grateful for his help."

Teresa Kacerguis and Stephen Cage

"Coach Teddy, Miles' team won The DVHL championship today. If you can, please watch five minutes of the game. You'll recognize your work after every stoppage of play in Miles' zone. He skates to the wall and taps it. My wife had never seen this and ask if Miles had become OCD. I told her to ask him, which she did. He told her, "Coach Teddy taught me how to reset and refocus." How about that?! Thank you for everything."

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